Social and Emotional Wellbeing: what is it and what you can do to support its development

Olde Barn Hotel, Grantham on 16th November 2018

There will be three keynote presentations on social and emotional wellbeing.  Each talk will cover not only the latest research and thinking, but also share ideas about what you can do in your school to help promote social and emotional wellbeing.

A chance to listen, learn, reflect and ultimately gain an understanding of how you can support your school and all who work within it!

Plus, a chance to have a nice lunch and win some bonus prizes too! 


Social and Emotional Wellbeing – What’s that? Isn’t it someone else’s job? Will it take more time? This talk will seek to answer these questions and many more. It will focus on developing our understanding of social and emotional wellbeing. We will discuss the importance of adopting whole school approaches to developing emotionally healthy school environments and communities. Indeed, there is an ever-growing research base into the benefits of promoting social and emotional wellbeing. These benefits will be discussed along with ways in which you can start this process in your school, today.

Presenters: Russell Postlethwaite and Emma Clink, Consultant Educational Psychologists, Futures in Mind Ltd

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Snapchat… Facebook… whatsapp…. Instagram… For children and young people in 2018, having one or more social media accounts is not a choice but an expectation. But what are the impacts on social and emotional health of engaging with social media?

The Office for National Statistics reported that 92% of children between the ages of 16-24 engage with a social media account. It is now thought that despite the commonplace age restrictions of 13 years or above, 3 out of 4 of 10-13 year olds also engage with a social media platform. We are now living in an age where children (and most adults) rely on their interface with their phone for information, to sustain friendships, to tell them when to exercise to plan their route home and to fill the gaps in between conversations.

But what are the longer-term impacts? How does this affect brain development? What are the impacts for education and learning? Can it lead to mental health difficulties? Or affect our emotional wellbeing? Do we roll with the punches and adapt or is it better to take a stand and push back against the tide? Depending on your preferred news source (Facebook or the Financial Times) the evidence before us is mixed. One thing is certain however, the digital age is here to stay so let’s get our algorithms in order and begin some digital reflection.

Presenter: Dr. Ed Chilton, Senior Educational Psychologist, Hackney Learning Trust

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Mental health and wellbeing is a key issue facing our schools today.  One in four of the population experience mental health problems at some point in their lives and over half of these difficulties would have started by the age of 14.  Despite such problems being relatively common, children and young people often do not get the help that they need as quickly as they should. 

Mindfulness is an emerging approach that can support mental health and wellbeing.  Mindfulness, a form of mental training, is an embodied awareness that arises by intentionally paying attention to the present.  It can enhance control and emotional stability in children and adolescents.   This workshop introduces mindfulness experientially, practically and theoretically.  It presents some of the substantial research evidence for the benefits of teaching mindfulness to children, young people, families and school staff.  Participants will have an opportunity to experience mindfulness practices and discover the underlying neuroscience theory in regards to how mindfulness ‘works’.   Ways of introducing it within the whole school will be presented with the intention of inspiring you to explore mindfulness to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of your school community.

Presenter: Dr. Bernadette Carelse, Senior Educational Psychologist and author, Hackney Learning Trust

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Ticket price: £95

Venue: Olde Barn,  Grantham

When: 9.00am – 4.00pm, Friday 16th November 2018

Other info: refreshments, talk handouts and a nice lunch included too! Plus prizes and surprises on the day!!

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