Futures in Mind – An accessible and innovative service with a strong sense of social responsibility.

At Futures in Mind we are committed to exploring new ways of providing our services and delivering support, with a clear focus on improving the outcomes of those we work with. Whether it be through our ‘giving’ strategy; links with local charities or supporting local school-based initiatives, we aim to provide a service that is accessible, innovative and outcome focussed.

At Futures in Mind, we believe we can improve people’s lives through the application of psychology and how we deliver our service. Founded in 2017, we understand the imperative for our company to operate responsibly. To this end we seek to embed a strategy of ‘giving’ in the work we do.

‘Doing a kindness produces the most reliable momentary increase in wellbeing of any exercise we’ve tested.’

Martin Seligman, founder of Positive Psychology.

We will freely dedicate our time and energy to support you.

Working in partnership with you, our intention is to use a proportion of the profits that we generate to support and deliver projects that benefit the wider community. This is our ‘giving’ strategy. Each year, we will be seeking inventive and imaginative ideas from you that are aimed at supporting social justice and inclusion, with a particular focus on social and emotional wellbeing. We want to support ideas and projects that benefit wider school communities, particularly those who are disadvantaged. To summarise, we will work with you to not only develop these ideas but also design and deliver your project.

Indeed, there is a psychological basis for this approach. It is widely recognised and documented that ‘giving can have multiple benefits, not only for the recipient but also for those ‘giving’. Such benefits include increases in terms of satisfaction, happiness and wellbeing. In addition, it is proposed that these benefits underpin and support cooperation. So it is with this in mind that we invite you to work in partnership with us to implement ‘Community Interest Projects.’

Initially, we plan on supporting one project each year.

The problem we want to tackle – social, emotional and mental health.

It is recognised as a hugely important issue affecting society. Many news stories and political agendas draw a sharp focus on the need to respond proactively, using evidence-based approaches to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

The Challenge:

  • Half of lifetime mental illness starts by the age of 14.
  • Children and young people are more likely to experience mental health issues if family members also experience mental health difficulties.
  • Around 1 in 10 children and young people have a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder and/or emotional and behavioural difficulties. Around 1 in 7 has less severe problems that interfere with their development and learning.
  • Anti-social behaviour and conduct disorder affect over 5% of children, particularly boys, while anxiety and depression affect 4%.
  • Suicide, attempted suicide and self-harm are an increasing issue amongst children and young people. Indeed, suicide is one of the three most common causes of death in youth and is rising.


  • Do you have a creative, innovative approach that seeks to demonstrate impact beyond your school gates?
  • Would you like support in the development, design and delivery of your project?
  • Do you want support, freely provided, from a team of educational psychologists, drawing on their knowledge and expertise?

If so, then get in touch: we would love to hear from you.

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