Our creative and innovative approach has been developed and refined over a number of years, drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of psychological theory relating to learning, engagement and motivation.

Our approach is based on the following:

  • Person Centred: We apply a person centred, strengths-based approach as a way of empowering people to make positive change. We find that this approach is inclusive, creates equality and allows for all voices to be heard, leading to a shared understanding of the issues/concerns and a jointly agreed action plan. A person centred approach means that people feel truly listened to and valued and provides an impetus for positive change.
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  • Collaborative professional learning: We use David Kolb’s (1984) model of the learning process (click here) as a basis for supporting the development of collaborative learning. Research has demonstrated that learning is more likely to last if the learner has been an active participant in the process and has engaged in sufficient depth of processing and thinking to facilitate the establishment of new neural (learning) pathways. In short, adults like to be self-directed and learn best when a learning experience relates to goals that matter to them. We aim to create learning experiences that matter to you.
  • Coaching: it is recognised as a powerful way of facilitating the learning, development and enhancement of wellbeing in others. It is collaborative, solution-focussed and bedded on forming positive relationships that promote development and growth. We aim to create positive relationships that allow you to learn and develop.
  • Consultation: Consultation is an approach that promotes working together to maximise the positive impact we can have on a problem or issue. It provides a framework where concerns can be identified and action plans developed. It is a process that acknowledges and validates the experiences and knowledge of those we are working with and is a vehicle for promoting and sustaining good practice. Consultation means that we work with you to achieve positive change.

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