Word Aware project approved and underway

World Aware

Word Aware project approved and underway – a project to run the Word Aware programme is currently taking place in three primary schools, delivered by our fabulous speech and language therapist, Jo.

A good spoken vocabulary is really important. It helps children to not only communicate effectively but also helps their skills in reading, writing and understanding Maths and Science.  Word Aware is an evidence-based approach to vocabulary teaching. Futures in Mind have been supporting schools to improve outcomes using the Word Aware Approach. Jo Frederick, Futures in Mind’s Speech and Language Therapist, has been visiting schools to measure pupils’ progress, celebrate success and support the development of the approach in each school involved.  She says: “The innovative and individual ways the schools have chosen to embrace the Word Aware Approach shows how adaptive it can be and the fact that children’s faces light up when I ask them about a word they have learnt using the approach and they cannot wait to tell what they know, shows how engaged the children are in the teaching activities”. The schools involved have been using the resources created by Word Aware to directly teach vocabulary, modify their classroom environments, engage parents and involve the whole school in a love of vocabulary.

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