Supporting the learning and development of children and young people
Bespoke individual assessment and intervention


We work with people’s individual strengths for a positive outcome.


We will work with you to understand the issues and find the best ways forward.

Solution focussed

We focus on finding interventions that are ‘meaningful’ and ‘doable.’

Solution-focussed and collaborative, an approach designed to promote change

Bespoke Assessment and Support

We can help you in responding pro-actively to meet the needs of children and young people in your school. We have extensive experience and knowledge of working with children and young people with a range of needs, including those with autism; social and emotional needs; ADHD; attachment; learning needs; anxieties/worries; poor self-esteem, etc…. Using a variety of bespoke assessment methods – observation; talking with the child/young person, staff and parents/carers; using appropriate standardised assessment tools – we can develop a joint understanding of the difficulties faced and use this knowledge to form a ‘meaningful’ and ‘doable’ intervention plan. 
From initial discussion and assessment through to intervention planning and review, we work collaboratively, finding the best way forwards, giving you all the help and support you need to make a positive difference.

Increase in Staff Confidence

Bespoke Strengths-based Approach

We have developed a bespoke, strengths-based model that generates actions leading to positive outcomes. This approach involves highlighting the young person’s strengths; sharing concerns; and agreeing actions, outcomes and solutions that are ‘meaningful’ and 'doable.’

Bespoke support for children and young people with anxiety

From whole staff training to bespoke therapeutic interventions, we have developed a range of packages and support programmes to help children and young people who experience worries, stress and anxiety.

Bespoke staff training and development

From ADHD to Attachment, from Emotion Coaching to Staff Coaching, we provide training on a range of issues to support your learning and development. Every school is different which is why we create training packages bespoke to your needs.

Bespoke speech and language therapy support

From informative assessments, to intervention planning; from bespoke staff training to therapeutic input for individuals and groups, our highly experienced speech and language therapist can work flexibly, in a number of ways to support your needs.