Terms and Conditions of Booking

  1. Futures in Mind training and development sessions may be postponed or cancelled if there are less than 10 participants.  If this eventuality arises, participants will be given at least 14 days’ notice.  If the event is cancelled by Futures in Mind, full refunds will be issued.
  2. Futures in Mind reserve the right to amend the content of training sessions, with updated material and resources or to cancel or postpone these.
  3. Payment for all training and development sessions is required in advance.
  4. If you wish to cancel an existing booking, you may be eligible for a refund depending on how far in advance of the training session the cancellation occurs:- More than 60 days before course begins: Full refund.
    – 30 to 60 days before course begins: 50% of fee refunded.
    – 15 to 29 days before course begins: 25% of fee refunded.
    – Within 14 days of the event: No refund.

    If the reason for cancellation is unavoidable, e.g. due to sickness/ill health, we will endeavour to find a place on another training session or consider a refund.
  5. Completion of the course booking form confirms your place on the training session, unless we contact you to state that the course is full.
  6. Completion of the booking form also confirms that you have read and understood the course details and requirement to attend all sessions.

    6.1 ELSA course additional information – see below
    The commitments laid out here are essential to provide the very best foundation for ELSA work to be maximally beneficial in your school. Where schools have been able to effectively implement and maintain the standards below, the work undertaken by the ELSA(s) has produced positive outcomes for children and young people.Booking this place commits you to (as far as is reasonably practicable):
    ▪ The school will nominate one TA (identified as having the prerequisite skills to train as an ELSA, see attached) who will then be released for the five whole-day training sessions and for four half-termly supervision sessions.
    ▪ The school will also need to release each ELSA for a minimum of 1/2 day per week to plan, deliver and evaluate programmes of support to individual pupils identified by the school. Interventions are delivered at a regular time in a quiet room each week. In this respect, such sessions should be regarded as no different from ‘booster/intervention’ sessions for literacy and/or numeracy.
    ▪ A member of the teaching staff should be nominated to line-manage their ELSA. The effectiveness of the ELSA approach is most successful when there is strong support and guidance from the school’s senior management team. The aim is for an ELSA to receive ongoing support and guidance from their line manager to ensure there is an understanding of the ELSA approach throughout the whole school community.
    ▪ As far as is possible, the school should allocate a (small) budget each year to enable ELSAs to develop an appropriate bank of resources in response to needs.
    ▪ The school agrees to release fully qualified and practicing ELSAs for a minimum of 5 half-termly supervision sessions during an Academic Year. Guidance from the ELSA Network states that ELSAs should access on-going supervision from qualified Educational Psychologists to continue to be able to offer ELSA support in their settings. ELSAs who do not access on-going supervision will be at risk of being deregistered.
  1. When you submit the booking form, you can choose to be added to the Futures in Mind mailing list.  We may email you about other training opportunities and you will receive newsletter.  You can unsubscribe from this list at any time, either by following the instructions on the email or contacting us directly – enquiries@futuresinmind.org