High quality training programmes drawing on the latest research and approaches.
Training Programmes

Develop your knowledge

Master new skills

Grow your confidence

Designed, developed and delivered to build knowledge, skills and confidence.

From training on understanding and managing anxiety to whole school programmes on social and emotional wellbeing; from training on improving staff wellbeing to specialist supervision support and staff coaching, we have a range of new and exciting programmes to meet your needs.

On-Demand Learning

With on-demand, bite-sized training, you can learn anytime, anywhere.

Bespoke Supervision & Coaching

Bespoke, tailor-made supervision and coaching packages for your school.


We have a range of training programmes that can be delivered in schools, covering areas such as:

  • Accelerated Learning – Precision Teaching and Direct Instruction
  • Paired Reading
  • Reciprocal Teaching
  • Breaking down Barriers -Learning with  ADHD
  • Anger Management
  • Working with Worries
  • Creating a Secure Learning Environment – Attachment
  • Emotion Coaching – supporting behaviour and relationships
  • Developing Self-esteem
  • The Science of Learning
  • Supporting Working Memory in the Classroom; 
  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Learning through Play
  • Lego-Therapy
  • Thera-build: a relational approach, using Lego, to support vulnerable children and young people
  • Grief, Loss and Bereavement

If you have an idea for training that isn’t mentioned here, get in touch, as I’m sure we will be able to help.

Bespoke Individual Assessment and Intervention

We can support students with a range of needs. From initial consultation, problem-solving and assessment through to intervention planning and review, we will work in partnership with you to find positive ways forward.

Bespoke intervention and support

We have a range of exciting interventions to support children and young people. They have been designed to help children and young people learn a range of skills that will help them to grow socially and emotionally and will support you, as a school, in nurturing their development.

Bespoke speech and language therapy support

From informative assessments to intervention planning; from bespoke staff training to therapeutic input, our highly experienced speech and language therapist can work flexibly, in a number of ways to support your needs.