Speech, language and communication skills are fundamental to learning.
Bespoke speech and language therapy

Bespoke Assessment

Creates an accurate and informative picture of young person’s needs.

Therapeutic Input

To support those children and young people with complex needs.

Bespoke Intervention

Ensures children and young people get the support they need.

Providing pro-active support for children and young people’s speech, language and communcation needs

Our bespoke speech and language therapy service improves the learning and inclusion of children with speech, language and communication needs.

Speech and Language Services

Our speech and language therapist, Jo, has extensive knowledge and experience of working with children and young people with a range of needs. She can offer a bespoke service to support you in the following ways: provide informative assessments of speech, language and communication needs; develop interventions plans; provide individual and group therapy sessions for those who require specialist input; deliver training; advise on establishing communication friendly classrooms; and provide support on whole school approaches to improving communication skills, such as the Word Aware programme.

Jo Frederick

“The best way to support children and young people with communication difficulties is for speech and language therapists, teachers and parents/carers to work together.”

Jo Frederick, a highly experienced speech and language therapist, strongly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to understand and be understood.

Bespoke individual assessment and intervention

We can support students with a range of needs. From initial consultation, problem-solving and assessment through to intervention planning and review, we will work in partnership with you to find positive ways forward.

Bespoke group work for children & young people with anxieties

From whole staff training to bespoke therapeutic interventions, we have developed a range of packages and support programmes to help children and young people who experience worries, stress and anxiety.

Bespoke staff training and development

From ADHD to Attachment, from Emotion Coaching to Staff Coaching, we provide training on a range of issues to support your learning and development. Every school is different which is why we create training packages bespoke to your needs.